The planAug 06 2020


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With my new hike-there plan, I started running the numbers and quickly came to a realization: if I leave on Friday morning, then I'll likely be in Kongsberg on Sunday. This is fine, except Kongsberg is my last major city before I begin the seven-day stretch. Figuring that it's a bad idea to try and resupply on a Sunday (when the big/major stores are closed) I decided to delay for a day instead.

I took the day to do a last-minute review of my gear, and decided to pick up some new shoes for myself. The old ones I have still have a few hundred miles left in them, but they're a bit bigger than I like, especially for warm-weather hikes. So let's go see whether they have my size in stock :-)

Momo approves.Momo approves.
And we're off!Aug 08 2020