1. No quantity or number; naught; the figure 0.
  2. A day in which no miles are hiked.


camp location
written Apr 19, 2019 @ 12:00 am after hiking 28.00 miles

7:30 -- time to make the donuts! And by that I mean it's time to get out of my warm sleeping bag and eat some garbage food.


Krissy up with the sun!

After scarfing some trail mix and cheese, I packed up my gear and we all hit the trail.


Believe it or not this is a frozen lake

From the map, it looked like today's theme was going to be "lakes." It's interesting: one of the cabins had the distances posted, and the summer time trail distance was substantially longer than the winter one because you had to go around all of the lakes instead of across them.


Another gorgeous day.

Thankfully, it was still plenty cold so over the lakes we went!

One problem is that we accidentally burst the tube of wax (called klister) and made a huge mess. Of ridiculously sticky proportions.

Oh well, it was still better than skins!



Eventually we reached another serviced cabin, so we picked up some refreshments and waited out the heat of the day. It's uncanny how much this reminded me of my desert routine.

Once we headed back out, we had several very long lakes to traverse. They were easy, but monotonous. Looking at the mountains right next to the lakes, I couldn't help but think how fun it would be to come do some backcountry powder skiing next winter!


These stretches made for good conversations


So pretty

Eventually, we reached a good spot where we set up camp and called it a day.


Another day, another camp

This camp even had a small exposed area where we could comfortably sit and have dinner and chitchat.


Johannes and H kicking it

We stuck around until sundown (~8:30), and then one again called it a night before it got too cold.


We enjoyed the sunset though!