1. No quantity or number; naught; the figure 0.
  2. A day in which no miles are hiked.


camp location
written Mar 3, 2018 @ 12:00 am after hiking 0.00 miles

Today was Havasu Day. Havasu is a side canyon with stunning blue water and it's an extremely popular destination for hikers. We naturally have to stop and spend some time floating in the water and enjoying the red rocks and whatnot.

We also ran into one of those other groups there, and got to chat with them. They were a big group (16 people) and seemed like reasonable people. (All the same, I wish we had the Canyon to ourselves)


Trips merge


Jess floating in the travertine-laden waters


Amanda climbing through a cave-tunnel in Havasu

After our time there, we pushed on to a wonderful camp, Tuckup. This has a great side canyon to hike in, and tons of afternoon sun.

So, we set up camp and then went for a short hike, climbing around on rocks and whatnot before returning to camp for our normal evening routine.


Sleeping under the stars tonight.