Trail blazingJul 15 2018


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My goal was to hike from Bergen to Oslo in one shot (a thru-hike). This didn't happen, but it wasn't a complete failure. I'm going to document lessons for me and anyone else who is curious.

What went wrong

Disconnected trails

As far as I know, there isn't an established route from Bergen to Oslo, so I tried to find one. I went on Gaia GPS and put together a route based on the trails they have indexed. While the DNT trails are numerous and thorough, they're not a complete network. I assumed I could find routes from one network to the next. Generally, I could do that, but it involved either road-walking or trail-blazing.

No trail here!No trail here!

Improper gear

I knew I was going to be entering and crossing a mountain plateau. I prefer to camp in my hammock, so I went on Google Earth and checked out the route on satellite view. It looked like there were trees near the lakes, but it turns out they were just dark patches of shrubs; definitely not hammock-capable. I failed to have a plan B and didn't bring a ground setup.

I'm still happy this worked thoughI'm still happy this worked though

What went right


I got to spend a few days traipsing around the woods and mountains, and it was wonderful. It took a bit for my legs to remember what we do out there, but they got there and we were an unstoppable team again.

Can't see things like this without effortCan't see things like this without effort


The gear that I brought all worked. I brought too much food, but hey, that's a problem I'm okay with having.

This quilt brings back so many happy memoriesThis quilt brings back so many happy memories

Beautiful country

Lastly, I got to see (part of) this beautiful country. I can't wait to go back and explore more!

Beautiful landscapes, over and overBeautiful landscapes, over and over