1. No quantity or number; naught; the figure 0.
  2. A day in which no miles are hiked.


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written Jul 14, 2018 @ 12:00 am after hiking 25.00 miles

It's a good thing I broke my continuous footsteps yesterday, because I was forced to today. Sit back, and I'll explain it from the beginning.

I woke up this morning (later than planned, because I forgot to set an alarm), and hit the trail. Except it was a road; whatever.



This road went on for a while; maybe 5 miles, maybe 8 miles, probably forever miles. But hey, it was pretty pretty!


Just look at this idyllic farm!

Then it narrowed into a valley that reminded me a lot of a miniature Yosemite valley, but with power lines.



So anyway, I finally reached the end of that and hopped into a DNT trail!

.. except it was a road.



This did eventually turn into a proper hiking trail for like 8 miles or so, and I made it up and over the mountains and down to the fjord! This dumped me into this tiny beautiful village called Folkedal. I hiked all the way to the fjord, when I was supposed to turn left and hike up to Granvin.



Small problem though: my chosen "hiking" path was a highway, complete with a tunnel just down the road. There was, however, a bus stop across the road, so I went over there and waited.

After killing time with a call home, a bus arrived and took me to Granvin.

So this is where I was forced (by my own silly planning, I guess) to break what would've been my continuous footsteps.


IDK how I thought I could walk through this

Once in Granvin, I had to take yet another bus because the only way to the Hardanger bridge was through an 8km tunnel.

I hopped out at the first stop, took some pictures of the bridge, and then got to steppin'. It was only a few miles to where I resume the actual trail from Bjotveit.


Longest suspension bridge, or so I've heard?

This was also along a highway, but they had presentation bypasses around the tunnels, and a shoulder of sorts that I could walk on. So that's what I did (vs taking yet another bus).


I'm undecided if this is better or worse than real road walking

Along the way, I passed some people selling cherries for 50 NOK, so I picked up a box for dinner -- it'll be nice to not eat crushed dry Ramen for a change.


I can never say no to this when I'm hiking

After eating dinner, my climb began.


I didn't eat dinner here, but I wish I had

This was a brutal 2200-foot climb following this river/waterfall back up to its source. However, I didn't mind it so much, because I knew there was a goal tomorrow which wasn't back at sea level!


Looking back from almost the top.

Tomorrow, (after another 2,000 feet of climbing) I should finally be entering Hardangervidda nasjonalpark!

I did notice that -- oops! -- I'll suddenly above tree line. This bodes ill for my hammock plans, but we'll solve that tomorrow.

I found a solution for today.


You could say this setup ... rocks.