Three monthsJul 25 2017

Trinity Alps

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After packing up my rain fly (ugh, what a pain) this morning, I hit the trail and just crushed the miles.

For a few hours, anyway.

Then, my ankle decided enough was enough and started hurting a lot with every step. I took a break and rolled my shin muscle with my tennis ball and it helped somewhat, but it quickly returned. Crap.

A few miles later, I was on top of a ridge and I had cell service, so I decided to spend some battery and try to figure out what was going on.

I'm pretty sure it's a case of anterior tibial tendonitis. I'm also fairly sure what it's both treated and prevented by stretching my calf muscle. This seems to help a bit, but I need it to heal.

Ugh, it's like pre-Tehachapi all over again. Oh well, I had over a thousand miles of good health -- I guess I should be thankful for that. Since I have fewer than 1,100 miles left, maybe I'll get out of this without another injury!

Random horses I encountered!Random horses I encountered!

I did have some awesome trail magic though! In a parking lot, I ran into a wonderful retired couple from Colorado who offered me a handmade turkey sandwich, some Ritz crackers, some chocolate-covered raisins, a Hershey bar, apple juice, milk, water, and snap peas! If the Wests are reading this: thank you again!

As I'm writing this, some nearby clouds are thundering, but they aren't overhead. I'm hoping they stay that way so I don't have to set up my tarp again...

Trinity AlpsTrinity Alps
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