Mt ThielsenAug 08 2017

Shelter Cove

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Today has a similar goal as the other day: reach the next resort. I needed to get there because I had a package of food waiting for me, but I also wanted to not eat rehydrated mashed potatoes again.

The usual: burns ...The usual: burns ...
... and lakes ...... and lakes ...
... and milestones.... and milestones.

Eventually, it started sprinkling just as we reached the parking lot. As soon as we got under the roof of the building, the bottom fell out of the sky and I had my first real PCT thunderstorm. Not only was it just a complete downpour, but it started hailing, too!


Thankfully, as soon as I'd arrived, I'd placed an order for a pizza, which was soon ready. And holy cow, let me tell you: this is the best pizza I've had on the trail, bar none. And for a long time before the trail, too. It was amazing.

Much like I'd drive to Seiad Valley for a milkshake, I might drive here for a pizza.Much like I'd drive to Seiad Valley for a milkshake, I might drive here for a pizza.

By this point, other soaking hikers had arrived and we all hung out on the porch while we discussed plans, fires, and so on.

So much hiker trash.So much hiker trash.

Finally, the rain let up, and Scrappy and I went back to the trail to set up camp. I set up my giant sheet of Tyvek in case it rained again, and it was big enough to cover the both of us. Secretly, I was hoping it would pour again because I like the sound it makes, but I didn't cooperate.

That should do the trick.That should do the trick.
Stormy LakeAug 10 2017