T-hacha-PMay 24 2017

Zero #3: PT appointment day!

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Yay! My physical therapy appointment is here! Let's go figure out what's wrong, how to fix it, and how to prevent it.

For starters, I was correct: it's​ an IT Band issue. So, that's good news! The therapist gave me lots of good stretches to do to help treat it as well as prevent it. It's also not serious -- yet. If untreated it will cause kneecap issues in the future.

Other than that, today was a total zero day -- it was time to meet up with Peanut and start icing my knee and stretch some things so I can hit the trail again.

No pictures today, so here's one from the other day on top of San Jacinto.

Still my favorite lunch spot.Still my favorite lunch spot.
Zero #4: Tehachapi resupplyMay 26 2017