1. No quantity or number; naught; the figure 0.
  2. A day in which no miles are hiked.

My hiker family

camp location
written May 1, 2017 @ 12:00 am after hiking 18.00 miles

I've started hiking with a group of people -- we hike at roughly the same average pace, so we wind up in the same camps pretty often. They've become a sort of trail family. Here's a group picture we took today with some careful balancing and a self-timer:


Left to right: GQ, Scotty, Space Jam, Shakedown, ViPR, Fun Dip, Peanut

Aside from my immediate family, there's also my extended trail family & friends. I see them on the trail too, but not as regularly. However, since it's so hot and water sources and campsites are so infrequent in the desert, we run into each other a lot. For example, we all wound up taking a siesta at the only water source from like 11:30 - 2:00 because it was just too damn hot to keep hiking.



This was also the only scrap of shade for probably 10 miles in either direction.