Idyllwild: first town stayMay 03 2017

My first near-o!

Map thumbnail of location

We weren't in Idyllwild for fun and games and an early bedtime -- it's resupply time! We started off the day by meeting a bunch of hikers at a local diner and having a huge breakfast (<3). Then we went our separate ways -- some people went to buy new gear, some went to go nap, and I went to the store to buy enough food to get me to the next town, about 100 miles away.

Once everyone's errands were done, we got lunch (yum, pizza) and hitched a ride to the trailhead from a trail angel named Section Hiker Bill. After that, it was a grueling 2,000+ foot vertical climb halfway up Mt. San Jacinto, which we are hoping to summit in the morning.

It was halfway up this climb that I realized I'd left my hat in Idyllwild. Damn it. Maybe it'll find me on the trail.

First snow crossing!First snow crossing!

Our camp wound up being next to a snowbank, which made for a night which was, er, refreshing.

It wasn't as cold as it looks.It wasn't as cold as it looks.

Another beautiful sunset (are you seeing a theme?) with dinner and it's off to bed.

Great dining room.Great dining room.
San Jacinto peak: first real summitMay 05 2017