Warner Springs by SaturdayApr 27 2017

My first 30!

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Phew, big day!

My first 30!

To follow up on the last post: I did it. I did 32.85 miles today, which I'm very pleased about. I also had a weird thought: on each of the last two days, I've walked more than 1% of the trail. Huh.

But this means that I'm only a few miles from the post office tomorrow -- if I play my cards right, I could be having a burger and beer at noon.

100 miles

I crossed the 100-mile marker today! Wheeee.

100 miles!100 miles!

Trail name

Well, it finally happened: I got my trail name. I was crushing my miles (as I do, y'know) and I passed these two women who were hiding in the shade, eating their lunch. One of them said I was looking stylish, and asked if I had a trail name. I replied that no, I did not, and she named me "GQ". So, I guess that's how this works.

For reference, here I am:

Introducing GQIntroducing GQ

This represents the peak(?) of 2017 PCT fashion, from their Desert collection.

I didn't see that one coming, but I've heard worse!

Future plans

One thing I've done in the past few posts is talk about where I'm gonna be and when. I'm going to keep that to a minimum going forward, and since this is open to the internet and all of its weirdos, I'm gonna be turning on the fuzzing feature -- it won't post posts until a day or two after I leave that area. Can't have just anyone knowing where I'm gonna be and when! (Friends & family: just text me whenever)

Warner SpringsApr 29 2017