Zero #12: EtnaJul 29 2017

Marble Mountain Wilderness

Map thumbnail of location

Yay, I'm heading back to the trail today!

But first, a last shower and then breakfast -- especially one that involves a cinnamon roll that I'd been hearing about.

There we go.There we go.

Once that was done, I hitched back to the trail and was hiking around 10:00 am. My leg seems okay -- perhaps 75%. I'll need to baby it for a while, but it's not nearly as painful as the hike in had been. I'm hoping it'll be fully healed within a week.

I also entered the Marble Mountain Wilderness area, and it's absolutely astonishing. I know I say things like that a lot, but I can't help it.


The haze you see isn't fog -- it's smoke. There are a couple of nearby wildfires, and the smoke is pooling in the valleys. It's not bad yet, and the fires aren't expected to close the trail, but it's something to watch.

That trail slicing the face of the mountain isn't the PCTThat trail slicing the face of the mountain isn't the PCT

I also came across something I haven't seen in a while: snowmelt rivulets and waterfalls giving me wonderful clear water source right next to the trail. Yes!

How convenient!How convenient!
My attempt at artistic pictures.My attempt at artistic pictures.

Finally, I hit another milestone today: 1,600 miles!

The Pacific NorthwestJul 31 2017