Trout LakeAug 22 2017

Goat Rocks Wilderness

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Today started off with a great thing: a clear stream! You might think this is a given, but you'd be wrong. I'm not going to say that they're rare, but since the Cascades are a volcanic mountain range, a lot of the streams are chock full of silt, like this:


It's not a huge problem, because I have a filter, but filtering this crud out is hell on your filter, so it's best to skip water like this if possible.

This stream is wonderful though!This stream is wonderful though!

Right as the day started heating up, some clouds rolled in and cooled things down -- perfect!

Yay, I can skip sunscreen again today!Yay, I can skip sunscreen again today!

As long as they don't bring weather, they're welcome to come along. So far, so good. And they create some pretty wonderful vistas, too!

Such textures!Such textures!

During the day, I met up with a couple I hadn't seen since before the aqueduct: Pickles and Fancy Pants! That was a neat reunion, except that she's hating everything right now because her IT Band is causing issues. Thankfully, I have some experience with that, so I showed her the stretches that worked for me and whatnot. I hope things get better for her -- I know the agony firsthand.

At least we have pretty things to look at, right?

I don't remember what mountain this is.I don't remember what mountain this is.
White PassAug 24 2017