Hang testMar 10 2017

Food prep

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One question I get asked a lot is "are you just going to eat, like, a million Clif bars?"

The answer is: sorta. I'm sure I will eat a bunch of them (I bought 48 for my maildrops), but no, I will not be eating primarily those. In fact, I have a pretty solid meal plan lined up.


Up first, I have dried fruit. I bought a dehydrator sometime in 2016, and have been dehydrating fruit whenever I find it on sale, or get implusive. I would then seal it with a packet of silica gel and set it aside. I finally combined random bags into a bowl and then divided those up into quart vacuum bags and sealed them for my maildrops.

Apples, kiwis, bananas, and pineapples!Apples, kiwis, bananas, and pineapples!


Up next, we have couscous. I have a recipe that I use pretty much every time I go backpacking, so I made a fair amount of that (13 double rations, to be exact). I was also able to supply my own dried tomatoes, so I put in lots of those.

A pile of Ras el hanout spice mixture -- sufficient for 26 servings!A pile of Ras el hanout spice mixture -- sufficient for 26 servings!


My last prepared entree is pasta, in various forms. I dehydrated pasta -- 10 pounds of it -- and then packed it in various recipes. Tuna mac and cheese, salmon mac and cheese, and various impromptu white sauce concoctions make up approximately 20,000 calories worth of meals for future-me.

Tomato powder, destined for mac & cheeseTomato powder, destined for mac & cheese

Finally, I have all of the staples for breakfast and lunch: 10 pounds of trail mix, aforementioned 48 Clif bars, hot chocolate, and oatmeal.

The food I will buy along the way is not listed here, mainly because I don't know what it will be. I assume that I will eat tons of peanut butter, jelly, cheese, jerky, salami, tortillas, fresh produce, pizza, ice cream, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Desert gearMar 18 2017