Washington passesSep 06 2017

Final PCT day!

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I had planned on ending with three easy, leisurely days -- 24 miles, 13 miles, and then a 4-mile day. But then I realized: wait, if I do another 30, then I'm only like 10 miles from the border!

So, that's what I did. Well, I did 29, so I camped 11 miles from the border, but whatever. Tonight was definitely my last headlamp hike. And I definitely won't be doing another 30, because I don't have 30 miles of trail left.

Still very smokey thoughStill very smokey though

After a while, I reached Harts Pass -- the final road that the PCT crosses. This is the point I've been racing towards because, if the fire closes the trail, this is where I'll need to bail. This is where my trip would end.

But not for me!

Everything east of the PCT is closed, but the PCT remains open.Everything east of the PCT is closed, but the PCT remains open.
Goodbye, civilizationGoodbye, civilization
The final valley I need to go through.The final valley I need to go through.

As I got to camp, the wind was picking up. It was cold and very windy -- I just hope it doesn't start raining. This wind is a double-edged sword: it might clear out the smoke, but it might spread the fire. We'll see tomorrow.

Canada!Sep 08 2017