Slow and steadyAug 20 2017

Eclipse Day

Map thumbnail of location

Today's the day that the US has been going bananas for: eclipse day!

Now, I'm not in the path of totality: that was the plan, but it went up in smoke when Mt Jefferson went up in smoke and they closed the trail. So, here I am in Washington with 90-something percent occlusion. Good enough for me!

This is going to be an easy morning: hike until about 9:15am, then find a clearing and sit and watch the eclipse through some eclipse glasses I got before Shelter Cove and have been carrying ever since. They're awesome.

So fashionable!So fashionable!

After that was over, it's time to hike. My foot is feeling pretty good, but it's not 100% (and won't be for a long time, so I'll stop making that update) so I'm going to take it pretty easy this afternoon, too.

Oh, and the eclipse was really really neat -- I'm very glad I had clear skies and glasses. It was a really cool experience but I don't have any pictures of it. My Pixel has a great camera, but not for things like this. Instead of bothering, I just watched the eclipse. I'm sure you can Google for better pictures of the eclipse.

Shortly after the eclipse, I came across a car-accessible established campground that was packed with people, and someone was offering Magic to hikers. Might as well grab some and do lunch at a picnic table!


Then it's just hiking and hiking and hiking, interspersed with great views of nearby mountains.

I think this is Mt Adams?I think this is Mt Adams?

Eventually I arrived at Blue Lake and decided that was far enough. I meant to do an easy day but did almost 32 miles. Oops.

This looks like a good campsite.This looks like a good campsite.
Trout LakeAug 22 2017