Desert gearMar 18 2017

25,000 calories

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Five days of food, when you remove almost all of the waterFive days of food, when you remove almost all of the water

I finally took the food that I've been preparing (see earlier post) and started grouping it into packages. This package is destined for Kennedy Meadows -- the end of the desert and the start of the Sierras.

This point is also the start of an unbroken 204.5 miles of wilderness -- the longest stretch I'll face. Moving at an aggressive 20 miles per day (the record snow pack this year will certainly slow me down a lot), that still puts me at a minimum 10 days between resupply, or some 50,000 calories.

The store at Kennedy Meadows is decent, but reported to be small. If the hikers ahead of you clean it out, you could be in trouble. I asking don't know what they're going to have, so I wanted to mail myself around half the calories, so I'd at least have that to fall back on.

So there you have it: about 25,000 calories fits in 7 gallons of Ziploc bags.

Now, fitting twice that volume into my pack is going to be a problem for another day...

Question: how do maildrops work?Apr 05 2017