1. No quantity or number; naught; the figure 0.
  2. A day in which no miles are hiked.

New country, new hike

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written Jul 10, 2018 @ 12:00 am after hiking 0.00 miles

Since moving to Norway, I've been taunted by the spectacular wilderness here. I've done what I can do to get out and explore, but it's also a balancing act with my job -- and it's fun to finally be working and programming again.

For example, I've been skiing in the mountains:



I've been sightseeing around Oslo


From the roof of the Opera House

I've had a BBQ in the park


These day-use grills are pretty awesome

I've been on a work offsite to a coastal resort.


4am "night" sky in Norway never ceases to amaze me

Then a few weeks ago, I had a chance to fly to Bergen. Bergen is way on the other side country, and home to all of the fjords that everyone knows about from reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.


Flying into Bergen

This involved a trip of driving to see some of the fjords up close and personal.


Including Sognefjord, the king of the fjords

This trip reignited a daydream that I've had ever since I arrived here: let's take a few days off and hike across this whole country.